DEC 2022

Here’s to an awesome party!

Wondering what to do on your 21st birthday in Seattle?

Looking for the best party activities and ideas near you?

Searching for inspiration on how to make your 21st a grand event that’ll blow up everyone’s social media feed?

We got you!

The best ways to celebrate turning 21 in Seattle

Whether you’re into low-key celebrations or high-energy bashes, this blog will provide plenty of creative ideas, from classy venues and mouth-watering menus to unique activities. 

From indoor skydiving to escape room adventures, food & coffee tours, and an Mt. Rainier hike - there are endless opportunities for amazing memories with your near and dear ones.

Prepare for the ultimate birthday event with our list of some of the best celebration spots around town!

iFLY Indoor Skydiving


The image is taken from their website.

Make your 21st birthday an exhilarating occasion with a skydiving party at iFly Indoor Skydiving!

Experience the thrilling sensation of freefalling like a real skydiver but with the safety of a simulated wind tunnel. 

Make sure to take all your friends for the ultimate birthday experience. 

With personalized options, professional instructors, and plenty of photo and video capture possibilities, this is one bash that won’t soon be forgotten. 

As they say - the best celebration ever is only an iFly away!

Website: Visit their website

Cat yoga at Seattle Meowtropolitan


The image is taken from their website.

Seattle Meowtropolitan is the purrrfect place for all your feline-filled festivities, and this 21st birthday bash will certainly get your cat pals stretching in celebration! 

Seattle’s premier cat café offers an afternoon of fun starting with an hour-long yoga session that combines stretches just for felines and humans alike. 

Follow up on the yoga session with some rest for both you and your cats, getting them ready to chow down on delicious vegan food while they serenade guests with purrs of gratitude.

This 21st birthday sure won't be one you forget anytime soon!

Website: Visit their website

You can explore Seattle’s top entertainment options for some other party ideas too!

Fox in a Box (that’s us!)


Want to unleash your inner Sherlock on your 21st?

Take part in a real-life adventure just like in the movies, only with you and your party guests driving the action?

If that sounds like a plan, head for an amazing nearby escape room.

If you've never heard of an escape room before, here's the deal: you and your mates have to accomplish a mission inside a specially set up game space, within 60 minutes.

You'll have to crack ciphers, spot patterns, and figure out cryptic clues to proceed with your mission.

Can you go "mission accomplished" before the clock hits 0?

From breaking into a top-secret military bunker to escaping a psychopath's lair, there are numerous ways for you to mark your 21st birthday with us!

Restaurants near us for your birthday dinner

  • Italian cuisine lovers should head for The Pink Door near Pike Place Market.

  • The List Restaurant offering modern gourmet dishes is pretty close.

  • Latin American food fans should seek out Garzon - Latinx Street Food.

  • And finally, if you're looking for Pacific seafood, head for Shaker + Spear in the Kimpton Palladian Hotel.

Speaking of restaurants…

Pike Place Market food tour


What better way to celebrate a milestone 21st birthday than with a unique Seattle foodie experience? 

Our famous Pike Place Market offers a sprawling array of some of the city's best foods, and taking a food tour through it can be an unforgettable celebration. 

You'll explore the Emerald City as you sample local specialties, like oysters and that famous Dutch crunch bread. 

Whether you're celebrating yourself or surprising someone else, it's sure to be an event they won't easily forget.

In addition to birthdays, food tours are some of the top team building activities in Seattle.

Seattle coffee culture tour


Starbucks' offerings may or may not have turned bland and lost their innovative streak in recent years, but Seattle's coffee scene remains as vibrant as ever.

From hard black coffee meant to stimulate flailing souls struggling with work at 3 in the morning to charming lattes that lend themselves to a restful siesta, and unique and innovative offerings catering to coffee enthusiasts of various stripes...

There are numerous offerings tucked away in and around Seattle for you to taste.

Spend your special day hopping between Seattle's renowned coffee destinations, sampling every flavor and historic landmark of Seattle’s vibrant coffee culture.

Seattle ghost tour