The most immersive teambuilding experience in seattle

Exploring team-building activities in Seattle? Host your next corporate event at Fox in a Box Escape Room Seattle's premier escape room facility! Fox in a Box is well-equipped to provide the best possible experience for your group of 2 to 22 players.

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Fox in a Box Escape Room Seattle provides the ultimate team-building activity in Belltown, Seattle. 

We offer great corporate team-building exercises that allow teams to build trust, collaborate, and increase their problem-solving skills.

We cater to your company’s team-building events, meetings, and conferences while also offering a fun escape from the office.

Fox in a Box undertook the game design and production for the world’s first Red Bull Mind Games World Championships; we also designed the escape game room for James Corden’s Late Late Show and built the BMW escape room in Munich to develop skills and foster bonding for BMW employees.

We've partnered with a nearby top-rated restaurant, The Alibi Room, to provide your party with a package experience! If your group is looking for an easy way to reserve an escape room and restaurant together, we can handle your reservation for you. Just give us a call or email and we'll do all the heavy lifting.


Our team-building events are perfect for corporate parties, events, and team bonding. Faced with a room full of puzzles and mysteries to solve, your team will have to work together to escape. There's no better bonding experience than breaking out of prison, saving the world, or escaping a serial killer. 







Deciding the best day and time for your team-building event? Our daily schedule can vary, so give us a call or email and we'll help you arrange your large-party booking. 

Large Parties

Wondering how we accommodate parties of 9+? We'll split your team up into two smaller groups to play separate rooms of your choice that start and end at the same time. Just call or email us to book so we can ensure your party will start together!

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