JUL 2021

Your most pressing questions, answered!

The Emerald City.

Rain City.

Jet City.

The Coffee Capital of the World.

Seattle isn’t exactly short of nicknames. And for good reason.

The reason being...Seattle has a lot going on in it, and a lot going for it.

It’s also got a lot of myths about itself circulating all around.

visual of pike place market in seattle

That's Pike Place Market, in Seattle. Image courtesy Benjamin Massello on Unsplash.

So, what are some basics you should know if you’re thinking of settling in Seattle?

Are there any things you’ve heard about Seattle that aren’t exactly true?

Here is Fox in a Box’s official list of eight things you should know about Seattle.

Seattle is cloudy

seattle image from plane

Image courtesy Omar Prestwich on Unsplash.

That is an aerial view of Seattle, and yes, it does get really cloudy around here.

In fact, here’s a little bit of weather trivia you may or may not know…

Seattle, WA and Portland, OR compete against each other for the title of “cloudiest city in the United States”

Thinking of stocking up on umbrellas and raincoats, and resigning yourself to having to remain indoors for a major part of the year to remain dry?

Think again…

Seattle ain’t that rainy

hi-altitude image of clouds over seattle

Image courtesy Ryan Wilson on Unsplash.

It’s true.

Despite all those clouds, Seattle experiences less rainfall than cities like Chicago and New York.

And that too, mostly a light drizzle that you may not even notice.

Just wearing a light rain jacket will do the trick...no umbrellas needed.

Unless of course you’re into umbrella fashion…

Seattle summers are sublime

seattle ferris wheel, seattle summer

Image courtesy Vincent Camacho on Unsplash.

With temperatures that are just right, low humidity and fabulous sunshine, Seattle summers are just sublime!

It’s just the kind of weather that puts you in the mood to explore the great outdoors.

Speaking of the great outdoors…

Greenery abounds in Seattle

seattle space needle view from park

Image courtesy Frame-It from Pixabay.

Seattle Parks and Recreation alone manages over four hundred and fifty parks all over Seattle.

Tell me that’s not awesome!

If you’re a newbie looking to explore Seattle’s green spaces, start with the Washington Park Arboretum.

mt rainer park, seattle

Image courtesy Gabriel Phipps on Unsplash.

And, if you’re looking for something a little more substantial than urban parks, Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, Mount Rainier National Park and Olympic National Park are within a two hour drive from here!

It’s home to a lot of tech companies

amazon spheres, seattle tech

Our Amazon spheres. Image courtesy Patrick Schneider on Unsplash.

As far as tech companies setting up shop in the city are concerned, we’re second only to San Francisco.

Among the companies we house are old ones like Amazon, Google and Microsoft...and even newer rising stars like Snapchat and Dropbox.

We should know, we’ve hosted some of their team building events.

It’s a great place to grab a coffee

seattle coffee

mage courtesy 34315241 from Pixabay.

And when I say “coffee”, I don’t mean the taste-optional, aroma-optional keep-you-awake tonic spewed out of workplace coffee machines.

I mean warm brews rich in aroma that make for an authentic coffee experience.

After all, we are host to the original Starbucks.

But that doesn’t mean highflying chains are the only option to grab a coffee in Seattle.

There are hundreds of independent coffee shops here, run by dedicated enthusiasts, who take special care in brewing up their brew...and sometimes you may even find a flavor or an aroma you have NEVER experienced before!

The food scene is dazzling in its diversity