MAR 2022

There’s something for everyone!

Pulling pranks on your near and dear ones…and also a few strangers out on the street for the most gutsier ones among us…has seemingly been a tradition since the 1700’s.

But you didn’t come here for a history lesson on April Fools’ Day, did you?

You came here for prank ideas for April Fools’ Day.

Pranks that will prove Hilarious (with a capital H). Pranks that will tickle your victims’ funny bones, and not hurt them.

Pranks that aren’t putting a whoopee cushion on a chair, or prank calling people (while those are the O.G.’s they’re fairly worn out as pranks at this point).

We hear you.

And so, we present to you 15 April Fools’ Day prank ideas, suitable for a wide range of victims (from your family to your workplace colleagues), relatively easy to pull off, and that will draw out bellyfulls of laughs.

Let’s begin!

“I watched it without you”

Great for girlfriends/boyfriends, partners and spouses.

If you have any of the above, you’ll know there are those shows that the two of you watch together, perhaps cuddled together, like a ritual.

So, for April Fools’, go through the episodes list, and mark a few more episodes as ‘watched’. Or start playing a few episodes, and they’ll get flagged as ‘watched’ automatically.

And when you sit down for the April 1st viewing-cum-cuddling session, ask them to start the show, and keep a straight face while they try to work out what’s happened!

Shopping spree surprise


Image by Magic Creative from Pixabay.

Best aimed at spending-conscious/’fiscally responsible’ parents, partners or spouses.

Get a lot of stuff delivered to your home? Great! Start hoarding them away (keep them in a corner of the garade or have them delivered to your neighbor’s house).

Don’t get all that stuff delivered? No problem! Coordinate with your neighbors, and ask them to save all the delivery boxes that they can…and then work with them to stuff random objects into the boxes and seal them shut (to make them look like newly delivered packages).

And then, on April the 1st, arrange to have them kept at your doorstep.

It’ll look like you’ve just gone on a massive shopping spree, and your victim will go nuts!

I’m assuming you’ve heard of the old ‘sticky tape on the remote’ prank.

For the uninitiated, you put a small piece of clear sticky tape to cover the remote’s sensor. Now, however much your victim clicks the remote, it won’t work.

Funny…but old and quite well know.

Which is where the mouse comes in.

Take a small piece of paper, write ‘April 1st’ or ‘Gotcha’ on it, and stick it to the bottom of your victim’s mouse.

When their mouse doesn’t work and they turn it over to see what’s wrong, they’ll figure out they’ve been had!

Mysterious soap


Image by JJuni from Pixabay.

Best aimed at spouses or partners. Also good for roommates.

Nip out and get some clear nail polish.

While your victim is out, get their bath soap, and completely cover it with the nail polish, and give it a few minutes to dry. Then put the soap back in the shower stall.

When your victim takes their next shower, imagine their surprise when the soap refuses to lather, no matter how hard they try!

Balloon room double bluff

Again, our twist on a classic prank.

You know, of course, of the prank where you fill an entire room - could be the classroom, could be the boss’ chamber - with balloons.

Here’s how to put a unique twist on that.

Select a room with a windowed door so that the victim can see in from outside the room.

Tape a number of balloons together in a cluster, and tape them to the window.

From the outside, it’ll look like the whole room is filled with balloons. Imagine your victim’s surprise when they open the door and find only the handful of balloons that you’ve taped to the door!

“It’s healthy for ya!”